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I am Hypnotist John Phillips. "Stop Smoking with me, or your next carton is free!"

My ideal referral today is like my client Fred Anderson.  Fred is a 45 year old construction worker who has 2 kids, a wife - who is very happy now.  As you can imagine, he has a kind of business that can stress a man out. Fred was smoking 2 packs a day, and decided enough was enough.  After struggling for 3 months on his own, he had just one session with me. Now, Fred's tobacco free, and is investing his tobacco money to put his kids through college. 

If you know someone like Fred, introduce them to me, Hypnotist - John Phillips, Stop smoking with me, or your next carton is free!"

If you smoke half a pack a day you are looking at around a $2,100 savings/yr.  That could be a nice vacation you get to enjoy each year.

I Stopped Smoking in One Session


"I was a smoker for 30 years before I met John....I had "tried" to quit several times, unsuccessfully of course....patches, gum, meditation, cold turkey, weaning, therapy, you name it, I "tried" it....the only time I could stop without anxiety...was when I was pregnant....and when John taught me about habit versus addiction ...I was amazed...I am also a chronic asthmatic and have experienced much trauma (violence) in my life and used smoking as a break from the real was my escape...mine only and no one could take it from me...

Stopping smoking was like losing my best friend and I would pace and fidget and get frustrated and angry, cry and become of course I would pick it back up and would experience immediate relief.....Ahhhhaa..."my friend"..we are together again.....well....back to square one.....???I found John through a close friend who used him to quit and I (my conscious self) said..YES!! I must "try" that....(the reason I am (") the tries you don't "try" and succeed either do or you don't...when you "trying" have already failed) ...

With my session and listening to the CD every day (which melted my stress)...I could tell....WOW...this is soooo easy and it works!! smoking...and it not only helped with smoking, it helped improve my whole being along h improving my relationships with family, friends and coworkers.No medication, no yucky gum, no patches, no bad alternative behaviors.....just a relaxed, calm, wonderful, life......just to add.....cigarettes now make me sick to even be around them....I dislike photos of myself with them in my hand....I look at them and think.. .. that isn't me anymore.........cause it's not!"

Tammy Bower - Salt Lake City

 KSL review...

"I am a nonsmoker thanks to John Phillips. After smoking for 27 years and trying under the sun to kick the habit, my girlfriend suggested trying hypnotherapy. After scheduling the appointment, I met with John and he was very pleasant and I could see he has a great passion for the service he provides. He helped me kick my bad habit to the curb quicker than I thought possible." User165073
Another Stop Smoking Review...
"I am emailing your review and you can post it if you like.  Going into my quit smoking hypnosis session, On August 31, 2014, John Phillips talked to me in depth about my smoking Habit, how many times I had quit and what I saw as triggers or obstacles to staying off of cigarettes.  I told John that this was my Last ditch effort, I had tried everything else. John said that if I attempted to stay positive, follow his suggestions... and I would never have to pick up another cigarette again...  I have followed John's suggestions and I am truly a Non Smoker.  This experience was entirely different than the previous times.  Yes, I have had moments of temptation, but the urge has not lasted.  I feel so great that I feel like exercising, eating right and imporiving my life for the better."
- Georgia Grant, Salt Lake City 
 Add 13 to 14 years to your lifespan
Smoking causes approximately 440,00 premature deaths in the United States annually, leading to more than 13 years of life lost for male smokers and more than 14 years of life lost for female smokers.  Cigarette smoking has been associated with all types of sudden cardiac death.
 Patches and Gum little to no real help
"Nicotine Replacement Therapis, specifically nicotine patches and nicotine gum, did not improve smoker's chance of long term cessation in a study research at the Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Massachusetts."-Harvard Gazette.
Hypnosis IS the solutions
Hypnosis has been recognized as one of, if not the most effective tool in the treatment of rapid smoking cessation! I use the best and most cutting edge processes combined to clear up all the issues, including the deeper issues and any and all past issues so your results are permenant and lasting!  I wouldn't offer a lifetime guarantee if I didn't know what I do worked over and over again for so many.  I'm only successful when you are. Together we can tackle this problem once and for all.  Let now be your year to finally be free of this demon! :)

Making Appointments

Because I am typically booked out at least a week to a week and a half I require advanced payment via paypay to or credit cards over the phone to book your session. 

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