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Most recent Google review 6/29/2015...
"After my first hypnosis session with John I felt so relaxed and focused.  My self confidence has increased and I find myself able to maintain that day to day confidence like never before.  John has done more for me in one session than I ever got from months of counseling.  Thanks John!"

-Shawnna H

Google review on Weight Loss

"If I could give John more than five stars I would. I have been struggling with my weight my whole life. I have tried every diet known to man. It wasn't until I decided to acknowledge that it was a deeper issue that I finally got the help I need. John was able to help me determine what was my main issues, tapping into hidden emotions that I had buried away. After my sessions with John, I have lost 15 pounds in a little over a month. Most importantly I am able to look at myself in the mirror and love the body looking back at me. I have John to thank for that. I could have never done it without him! It has been one of the best choices I have made in my life!" -Lauren Shipley 

Recent YELP reviewer

My experience with the Salt Lake City hypnosis center has been amazing.  I have tried many different healing modalities and have seen small changes in me, just not to the extent that I was hoping for. I have been interested in hypnosis for years, but this is the first I have tried it.  I started working with John a few weeks ago on some of my issues, and I have to say, it has taken me by surprise.  Things that have held me back for years, are leaving me, to where I can enjoy my life more fully.  I am so grateful for the positive changes that are happening, I was starting to think I would have to live with these challenges the rest of my life.  I would highly recommend John, he is very professional and has a nice calm voice.

A Review for Amy on Weight Loss on Google

I was at my breaking point when I found the information for John at the Salt Lake City Hypnosis Center. I was struggling with emotional eating and gained over 60lbs over the last 2 yrs because of stress and over eating. I could not stop craving sweets and candy. After my first session with Amy I knew that I had made the right decision to try hypnosis. I really had no idea what to expect and it was such an amazing experience. After my first visit I noticed immediately that I no longer was craving sugar and candy and I had more energy to actually workout. I have lost 10lbs so far and I now have the motivation and energy to work out and keep losing until I reach my ultimate weight. The best thing is actually being able to look in the mirror and be happy with every little progress I make and see the beautiful me that I am. This truly has been a life changing experience and I recommend hypnosis for anyone that is looking to improve your life.
- Chris M.

Test Anxiety 

"I am the gal that had a hard time passing my medical boards.  Sure enough I did well and passed.  Although I felt like I studied "less" as I did more of my study sessions via listening to audio lectures than other times I felt more confident than ever before, unlike the other times I tried....   It helped a great deal that I noticed I did not second guess myself nor was I hard on myself.  Looks like I was my biggest obstacle.  I am happy that this chapter is over and now the real work begins and look into finding a private practice residency."  

 -C.F. (Due to professional nature of her residency she preferred just her initials be used in her referral).

Weight Loss

"I tried every diet known to man. They all worked but I always gained the weight back. I lost 35 pounds my first month with John. I owned a massage center and I had many of my staff trade sessions with John. I eventually lost 75 pounds, but the incredible thing is through his self-talk CD and his lifelong CD he made me at the end, I have easily kept the weight off for the last three and a half years. I have transformed how I see and think of food. I am so thankful to John."

Kari Sanders (Sandy)

Chronic Migraines

"I have been on every kind of doctor prescribed Migraine medication there is over the past 20 years and at least as many doctors. Each medication eventually stops working for me, then I need a shot. I got them every time I noticed the weather going south. I heard about John through a friend who took his pain management class. I thought it was strange he was having me do a daily 5-minute yoga routine, but after a few short sessions my migraines are a thing of my past. I still get a signal when the weather changes, but it no longer bothers me and the most I've ever taken since then is an aspirin."

Chris Taylor (Ogden)

No More Anti-Depressants

 "I want to share my experiences. First I had no great expectations about hypnotherapy, I had been referred to you by my daughter and thought I had nothing to lose by trying it out. I do not think I have felt this good since I was a small child, and as a little girl I was very exuberant, happy and full of life. Some how over the years I had become very depressed and withdrawn, and have taken anti-depressants religiously for the last 15- 20 years. Oddly I ran out of my 2 prescribed anti-depressants right before our session.

I get my prescriptions filled by mail and had to get a new written prescription from my doctor...mail it in...and am still waiting to receive them. I have never in all these years gone without my anti depression meds for longer than a few days without feeling very, very, very bad. However It has been 3 weeks and I wake up feeling great...happy..energetic and ready to get on with life every day. It is a very amazing and odd feeling for me and I have to say I love it! No only that but

...I have confidence that I will continue to feel this way! I am very grateful for your help. I have already recommended you to several close friends, and would recommend you to anyone who is considering hypnotherapy. I have had amazing results and I will keep you posted. Thank you so much your energy and enthusiasm has infected me!"

Jill (Orem)


 "I was robbed at gunpoint and suffered from terrible post-traumatic stress syndrome. I spent about a year and a half in therapy with no noticeable help. I felt broken, I could not trust a soul, and could not get this terrible incident to leave my mind. After seeking the service of John Phillips I was able to transform my negative feelings into hope, and my distressing experience was soon forgotten.

One thing I noticed after just the first session, my daughter said, "Mom you're back, but not only are you back, you are back better than you were before." I had tears in my eyes as I expressed this gratitude that I had for John at my next session. I have become so much stronger, capable, and confident and more importantly happy again. Thank you, thank you, thank you John!"

Pam (Salt Lake City)

Fibromayalgia Relief

 "I have worked with John for only about 4 weeks now. I could tell from day one working with John was different than anyone else. He cared about me and my results. It has been helping me in so many ways. My stress level is completely reduced, my muscles are not as tight anymore, I sleep better, and I feel much better overall. I have done similar programs in the past; however after a few weeks, I stopped. I did not want to continue. It is quite different with John's program.

I look forward to my meeting with John because of his great healing touch and his sincere, loving, and passionate nature. I have done hypnosis, Reiki, EFT and Bach flowers. I also have been listening to his insomnia cure CD every night and have had the best sleep I can remember. It is so nice to hear his deep, relaxing, and healing voice. I highly recommend his program. You will feel the difference even after the 1st session."

Chris J (Bountiful)


"It seems like forever when I started working with John now because I am such a different person. When I started I wasn't able to look people in the eye (that is what I started seeing him for). I worked with one of the founders of NLP, and spent many thousands of dollars on my problems all with fewer results than John helped me achieve. His latest custom CD he made for me was bar none the best ever. John is one of the best coaches and he really has improved his craft over the years. Now I am a top salesman at my dream job. Thank you John! He is now coaching my friend in dating!

Paul P (Hawaii)

Unable to Sleep

"Even on sleeping pills I did not get the best sleep. I had to keep switching between Trazadone and Ambien. Ambien worked better for me but would stop working as well after a while, so I had to switch to Trazadone for a while. Now after a few sessions with Mr. Phillips and his "Sleeping Pill" CD sleeping problems are a thing of my past. I had no idea my subconscious was this powerful."

Jake J (Layton)

Self Esteem & Confidence

"Dear John, :) I had to tell you, that I am AMAZED truly amazed by how much better I feel after going to Davis County Hypnosis Center. I had court today and not one little waive of anxiety!!!! In fact, when I went to bed last night I kept feeling like something was missing, and then I realized that the knots that I constantly carry in my stomach were gone! I didn't even realize how much anxiety, tension and negativity I was carrying around. I feel calm and centered and hopeful...upbeat and actually quite confident.

This must be similar to what my clients feel like when they are released after a long prison sentence! I am committed to working on the skills you have taught me and am very much looking forward to seeing you again on the to continue practicing these tools. I have suffered from panic and anxiety since I was 16 and nothing has ever worked like this, and so quickly too! Thank you for such a powerful transformative experience! I am truly grateful."

Ben Taylor (Fruit Heights)


Stop Smoking Review on Google
I have been a very happy smoker for over 30 years after 1 reluctant session with John I have been smoke free for 31 days. I have tried many things over the years and I have never gone more than 5 days without smoking. I cannot believe how successful it is for me. I would recommend it to anyone smokers and non smokers alike.
 -Debbie Pillard

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